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About Amnesty International In India

Amnesty India is a global movement of people fighting injustice and promoting human rights.

Amnesty in India

Amnesty International is a global movement with three million members. In 2011, Amnesty celebrated its 50th Anniversary. In the past five decades, Amnesty has campaigned for justice, freedom, truth and dignity. In 1978, Amnesty was awarded the Nobel Peace prize for its work and accomplishments.

Amnesty International in India

India's recent rapid economic growth and industrial development have marked it as an emerging world power. However, as India races forward in the 21st century , accumulating wealth and influence on the world stage, the situation within the country is precarious for many.

India’s development is a story of success for many thousands, but a story of deprivation and neglect for millions more. Entire swaths of the population are being left behind with few resources for individual survival, let alone personal gain. Old issues such as caste, gender and religious discrimination only make it harder for people living in poverty to access their rights. The economic boom, while bringing success and wealth to some, has also exacerbated the abuse of human rights of others, and little investment in human rights education.

India has a long history of democracy and a constitutional commitment to equal rights for all. Amnesty International in India aims to support civil society’s efforts to ensure human rights for all by upholding the country’s constitution and its obligations under international law.

Amnesty International has a long record of working to promote human rights for people all over the world, including in India. Most recently, we supported the Dongria Kondh Adivasi community's struggle to safeguard their traditional lands and way of life from a proposed bauxite mine in the Niyamgiri Hills, Orissa. The Indian government's rejection of Vedanta's plans to mine bauxite in the Hills was a victory for the Dongria Kondh community and human rights groups fighting for their cause. We also have supported the fight for justice for survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy.

Amnesty International recognizes the urgent need to be a part of India’s vibrant human rights movement. Drawing on over 50 years of experience as a global campaigning movement, but led and funded by people in India, and directed by their dreams and aspirations, Amnesty International in India is a movement with deep Indian roots. We are working to both raise awareness of human rights issues, and provide much-needed investment in human rights education and awareness. An important long-term effort will be to create a society that upholds human rights and respects equality for all.

Over the next few years, our work will focus on issues such as the impact of mining on the local populations’ right to a healthy environment, the rights of Indigenous Peoples , forced evictions and the rights of slum dwellers in India's metropolises , and the abuses in the criminal justice system, especially the lack of due process and right to a fair trial.

One of our primary campaigns will concentrate on implementing human rights education in India’s schools and universities. By empowering young people and promoting the active participation of all members of the school community, the Human Rights Friendly Schools project aims to integrate human rights values and principles such as equality, dignity, respect, non-discrimination and participation, in all areas of school life. The project will draw on the experiences of 14 countries worldwide (from Morocco to Mongolia), to tackle barriers to the implementation of India’s recent legislation guaranteeing the right to universal education. We plan to work with 100 schools within the first two years of the programme. We will start with schools in the city of Bangalore, and will expand our work to schools in smaller towns and villages.

Amnesty International in India needs your help in these crucial early years. We appeal to you to support us in building and sustaining our work on human rights issues and human rights education in India.

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commented 2014-03-16 01:52:38 +0530 · Flag
Thanks, kindly contact Amnesty International India Section at (contact@amnesty.org.in ) or Call at 080-49388000
commented 2014-03-16 01:48:19 +0530 · Flag
Thanks,kindly contact Amnesty International India Section at or Call 080-49388000 and send your request towards starting on line course free of cost by Foundation.
commented 2014-03-15 20:57:06 +0530 · Flag
Dear Subrata, We respect your valuable suggestion. I have discussed with the Founder of Mastermind Foundation, We are ready to conduct Human Rights Education Courses as online course by the developed materials,books,HR Tools of Amnesty International if we get required directions, materials and permission from Amnesty International, India.

The Founder of Mastermind Foundation can be contacted through the mail mastermindfoundation@gmail.com
followed this page 2014-03-08 20:18:20 +0530
commented 2014-02-28 00:44:21 +0530 · Flag
On Abishek Thiagarajan’s comment I may say that Mastermind Foundation may start Human Rights Education Courses as online course by the developed materials,books,HR Tools of Amnesty International.also desire that the HR Education should be at Free of any cost.
commented 2014-02-27 21:49:06 +0530 · Flag
Dear Sir / Mam, We love to work with Amnesty International on human rights education in India’s schools and universities. Mastermind Foundation focuses on the various activities of social transformation, education, Youth empowerment and helpless women and old people through psychological services. The philosophy of the founder is “Service to humanity is the service to God”. To know more Please visit www.mastermindfoundation.com.
commented 2014-01-02 02:27:59 +0530 · Flag
Let us begin the year2014 by observing and promoting humanrights around the world.HAPPYNEWYEAR.
commented 2014-01-02 02:27:06 +0530 · Flag
Let us begin the year2014 by observing and promoting humanrights around the world.HAPPYNEWYEAR.
commented 2014-01-02 02:25:44 +0530 · Flag
Let us begin the year2014 by observing and promoting humanrights around the world.HAPPYNEWYEAR.
commented 2014-01-02 02:25:38 +0530 · Flag
Let us begin the year2014 by observing and promoting humanrights around the world.HAPPYNEWYEAR.
commented 2014-01-01 18:49:27 +0530 · Flag
unless we are aware of our rights no one can protect you. We must have courage to fight against cheating. We must know consumers right to start with .
commented 2013-12-29 22:14:55 +0530 · Flag
I was informed by the rajasthan human rights commission that they do not have an infrastructure hence they can not deal with complaints. If this is the situation or ground reality how human rights can be protected.. I Have reported a heinous crime against a senior citizen of 87 years regarding extortion of his property by some notorious persons in Baran Rajasthan and illegal confinement of his at secret place. Neither D G Police nor Human Rights commission of Rajasthan has taken any action nor responding to e mail complaint.
commented 2013-12-13 01:22:44 +0530 · Flag
Yes it is most important to focus on the basic human rights,the fundamental rights,the Right to life,live, and Right to treatment.The human rights can be explained in different angles and compartments but the basic rights will be the same.Therefore the focus should be streamed to that,certainly.
commented 2013-12-12 23:03:38 +0530 · Flag
Though Human-Rights are " universal" yet have significant variations based upon different cultural and social values & beliefs of the different Nations. Within the" broad assumptions of universal human-rights" citizens have their fundamental rights to live in a society which nurtures and protects their own fundamental social values & beliefs. It is true that with the passage of time, every society tends to assimilate “new-value and beliefs” but every new-value can’t be welcome if causes significant dent on “time-tested” social -beliefs .Our cultural – values are already in the process of degeneration due to so many factors……the " other-path" of life may continue within the curtain….on the same lines as many other activities are continuing without any social-acceptance… but the Laws mustn’t extend them any umbrella to those " over-enlightened -fellows" as their so-called rights are are certainly not the part of ‘Human-Rights’ compatible with national cultural values & beliefs.
commented 2013-12-12 07:57:17 +0530 · Flag
Human Rights vs Sumlangik Rights
According supreme court decision on 11 nov 2013 sumlangikata is against IPC-377 ,if two male & male and female & female live in relationship it is come serial in “apradh” is it also against India culture , religion values and Indian society . Delhi HC decision come down in 2009 favour “sumlangik” rights it say that two male and female live in relationship with own agreement it is not “apradh” . It is not violation of IPC-377. SC say if Indian parliament make a law in favour of samlangik or end IPC – 377 , issues is here this decision of sc is not violation of Human Rights or in future Indian parliament make a law in favour of samlangik . According Indian culture some vibration may be create to follow this law such some may be changes come down in Indian marriage act but true is true if Indian parliament did not gave decision in favour of sumlangik it is violation of human rights……….
commented 2013-12-10 22:36:54 +0530 · Flag
Human Rights does not excludes the causes which protects human race and therefore Biodiversity is on focus.Elephant’s deaths may turn our biodiversity uneven,the effect obviously to be in nature.We must see the causes of Elephant’s death…..even the deaths of other wildlife with the same importance as we trust in case of human race.
commented 2013-12-10 08:34:41 +0530 · Flag
Today is Human Rights day but we think they are so many different to prodect human rights theory and practical. There are so many violation abuse came down near me but we avoid them. We all human rights activist follow for your duties. Duties is the main part of human rights. According environment & forest minister Jayanti Natrajan in this year 28 elephant dead from electric current & with accident ,this government information but we thought hundred animals dead with accident and electric current…to save & protect of animals it also our duties…….
commented 2013-12-06 12:14:13 +0530 · Flag
Today is Dr Bheem Rao Ambedkar " Parinirvan Divas " . Dr B. R. Ambedkar is father of Indian constitution . He is the first law minister of India .Whole life Dr B. R. Ambedkar fight against HR violation . Equality and justice is main problem of HR. Dr B. R. Ambedkar is select greatest of the India 1947 till current. The reform role of Dr. Ambedkar for Dalit community is very effective work . For Hindu Code Bill is most important bill for woman rights…..Hum Unhe Shat-Shat Naman karte hain
commented 2013-12-02 10:02:38 +0530 · Flag
M. Ashaq Raza: Thanks for your comment on Child Labour.There has been a Scheme on that issue.That is NCLP.This project is implemented by the labor Departments.That Department transfer the work to their NGOs.This Project Includes Home,Food,Clothing,Care.Protection,Education,etc.But the number of such Child Labor Schools are very limited,You can realise that it is not possible too The civilised society is running after money but not for a stable society where people are safe in all respect.That is why we need special care towards organising Human Rights Activities.
commented 2013-12-02 08:28:25 +0530 · Flag
T.C. Srivastava ji,
I am satisfied with you statement and advise . I also think human rights subject practice is more important than theory , awareness programme is one port of them. I thing school and college NSS ,NCC student give us more result .
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